3 Ways Mj Callaway Used Breast Cancer to Bounce-Up™ not Bounce Back


Like our world today, you and I have had many changes and challenges that have impacted personally and professionally. As you know, what happens to us personally affects us professionally and vice versa.

Think back to your worst setback you’ve ever had to face? How did it impact you? How did it change you?

Since 2016, I’ve faced cancer twice. Yes. Twice. The first diagnosis came with a 20 percent chance of survival if “Magic Wand” (because it sounds so much better than chemo) didn’t work, and “Magic Wand” had a 50 percent chance of working. So, to share this story with you, I feel blessed. Although the journey (sounds better than treatment) was highly intense, it gave me a gift—my Bounce-Up™ message and brand.

Has that happened to you? Has a setback given you a gift?


If you’ve ever recovered from a surgery or illness, you know you get a lot of think time.  During think time, I could feel a shift in my business purpose. Life’s unexpected events will do it to us. I wondered, How can I share my gifts, knowledge, and know-how with others? What do others need? How can I serve them better?

Our Clients Tell Us What Business We’re In

I pulled a vast collection of past emails and testimonies from colleagues and clients to find commonalities. Surprisingly, there was a common theme. What continued to surface—was the “you can do it” encouragement clients felt they received, the simplified strategies they could incorporate into their professional lives, and tools that would improve their businesses. Over and over, clients stated they were equipped to “make their goals happen.”

Do you re-read your social media comments, reviews and testimonies? Do you discover something unique each time?

No doubt about it, cancer sucks, and so does every other disease, illness, adversity, and setback. And today, each of us has faced adversity, whether it is a minor one or a knock-you-flat-on-your-face setback. Some get up, and some don’t.

Bounce-Up Instead of Bounce Back

What evolved was a new mission and vision called Bounce-Up™. Bounce-Up is so much more than the common bounce-back phrase. When you bounce back, you go back to where you were before adversity hit. Think “react” like a defensive player or team. With Bounce-Up, you’re “acting” like an offensive player or team.

Bouncing-Up™ is about outpowering adversity, boosting resilience, and rebounding higher than you were before!

Compare bounce-back to the inflatable punching bag with sand or water on the bottom that keeps it in place. Maybe you had one as a kid or know someone who does. You punch it, and it bounces back to you. On the flip side, imagine you’re the basketball player who jumps up higher than anyone else on the floor to rebound the basketball. YOU control the ball, the play, and the floor. YOU bounced up higher than anyone else.

Through the cancer journey, I discovered a deeper connection to my purpose, which has always been to uplift and encourage others to fulfill bigger goals. To take life’s face-plants and find a way to improvise with what they have right at that moment to make their goals happen. Because everyone deserves to Bounce-Up!

Together we can outpower the setbacks and create our success.

Until next time, Power-Up, Play-Up, and Bounce-Up™!

Mj Callaway, CSP, CVP



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