I'm Loving Me Project Presents:

The Power of Forgiveness ...

Sunday November 22nd 4pm EST

Limited Seating Available


This session is for every woman struggling to forgive and let go. This will for sure be one of the most powerful. 

Gloria Ward

Forgiveness is finally taking your power back and setting yourself free.

Keisha Smith 

Forgiveness means giving up the suffering of the past...

The problem for many of us is that sometimes we choose to forgive another, but still in our heart of hearts, the anger and resentment lingers. However, it is in fact possible to forgive and truly take your power back and let go of the past disappointments, hurts, or blatant acts of abuse. Come learn the steps and the true power of forgiveness in our EmpowerHer session. 

"Forgiveness is giving up all hope
of having had a different past." 

Why Should You Grab Your Ticket?

Learn what it really means to forgive

Forgiveness is something you choose to do. In order for you to really make a decision to forgive someone, you need to know what forgiveness really means and the everyday steps you can take to rewrite your story. 

Get to the root of your anger or grudge 

Most of us feel that because someone has done something to us is the reason why we can't forgive. In some situations, there might be things in your past that has resurfaced that is keeping you stuck and you're not willing to forgive. Find out the root cause of your anger. Most of the time is not what you think. 

Learn how to develop empathy and compassion for yourself 

Blaming yourself for not seeing the signs sooner or self sabotage will only keep you stuck. Learning not only to connect with yourself but to show empathy for the person you felt wronged you is true forgiveness. 

Learn how to empower yourself

With every story there is a victory. Come learn how to empower yourself and create new associations with your old story.

It's Time To Release The Resentment
and Take Your Power Back!

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