Jocelyn Williams Speaks Up On Infertility


Imagine someone telling you that you had one shot to get pregnant.

One shot.

That was what Jocelyn Willliams heard from one of the fertility specialists she met.

Jocelyn Williams is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Trainer who helps people recover a sense of happiness in their life and helps people heal from their traumas. But that’s not what makes her amazing. It’s her perseverance. Her determination to overcome her issues with infertility and live to tell her story.

She was told many times by different doctors and nurses, that because of her advanced maternal age, that she may have to grieve the possibility that she may not have children. She did IVF, used the 8 eggs she had remaining, 6 were used to create an embryo and guess what? Only ONE was considered to be viable.

But that one resulted in her having her baby boy at the age of 46! 

Jocelyn, going through the process to have a child, realized that there are so many women out there struggling alone to get pregnant which is why she is now a major advocate for women’s health, specifically when it comes to issues around fertility. She recently documented her journey from beginning to end in an article she wrote as a way to educate and empower women who may be starting the same process she endured. To remind them that it’s not easy but it’s possible to achieve your dream of having a baby.

Jocelyn is one of those individuals who is making an impact on the women and men she encounters on a daily basis simply by being open and transparent about what she’s going through as a way to provide direction and encouragement. She would be an excellent person to feature!

Her work and commentary have been featured in publications such as The Atlantic and also the book, The Grief Dialogues. She can also be found on social media @mobettajo.

Jocelyn has offered us a few ways to Recover During Grief and Infertility:

  1. If men and women hoping to become parents and looking for encouragement are going to be on the journey through infertility together, they should be transparent about the efforts and actions and share them with one another.  It is a disservice to the infertility community to be quick to post “I’m pregnant” announcements yet choose not to mention the path that got them there.
  2. If the dream to have kids doesn’t happen, you will have to discover what’s next BUT in the meantime, show up EVERY DAY bright with hope for your dreams.
  3. Take an active stance in your own healthcare. Learn as much as you can on your own, consult your doctor friends, ask for what you want/need instead of only being dictated to. 



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