Learning How To Respect Yourself Part 1/ 3


By: Ellie Curry, Confidence Coach

When I was growing my confidence I realized I needed three things to help me, the first was self-respect, the second was self-trust, and the third was self-love. When it came to self-respect I realized that I wasn’t living in alignment with my authentic self. 

I needed to spend some time learning who I was authentically, and what I wanted out of life. Once I was clear on those two things, I was able to start showing up in a way that would show myself respect. 

Knowing Your Values 


One of the first ways I started to show myself respect was to figure out what my values were. I believe values are the foundation of what you want most out of life. They help you stay aligned with the person you want to become. It is important to know your values because you can use your values to help stay on course as you grow. 

Need some help figuring out what your values are? Check out this free workbook.

Setting Boundaries

Once you have your values in place, you then get to start creating boundaries in life. These are like the handbook you want to create your life around. Some people may think setting boundaries isn’t for them because it will make them feel stuck, but it is actually the opposite is true. It will give you freedom because it gives you clarity on how you want to show up in life. 

Some boundaries can include, learning how to say no when someone requests you to do something. This is an important boundary if you tend to be a people pleaser. It helps you learn how to respect your time and energy levels. 

Another boundary could be you decide to stop complaining or gossip. Complaining and gossiping are those activities that don’t get us anywhere. It can be harmful if it is a regular activity you and your friends partake in. 

Now come up with things in your life that you need to set some boundaries around. This is a great way to show yourself respect. 

Aligning Your Actions 

Another way I started to show myself respect was by aligning my actions with my values. Once I knew my values I took inventory of my life and wrote down all the regular activities I was participating in that didn’t align with my values. Awareness of my activities alone was a huge win and reason to celebrate! 

I then started to take action every day to eliminate or change the actions I was taking into something that was more aligned with my authentic self. 

Showing up for myself in a way that was respectful completely changed how I viewed my life. It was the foundation I needed to start building the confidence I was craving. 



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