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Black Women In Digital Media: Starting Your Own Agency

Get Social launched in 2020 after an immediate demand for social media in a higher form. That’s what it's about, finding the specialty that...

Separating Yourself From Competitors

Let’s tackle a question every entrepreneur asks themselves when starting up their brand or business. The question: How can you separate yourself from your...

5 Ways I Made it in the Beauty Industry as a Minority

Written by NATALIA ME-GAN of Natalia Me-gan Hair & Beauty.  Consistency and focus are a big part of why I am as successful as I...

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Is Imposter’s Syndrome a Real Thing?

Is Imposter’s Syndrome a Real Thing? Imposter Syndrome is a...

5 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Overcome Workplace Discrimination

At present, gender equity across workplaces remains insufficient in...

Holiday Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

While December is considered a time for joy and celebration, not everyone has been bitten by the holiday cheer bug—and that’s perfectly okay.

Are you building a business, or creating a job for yourself?

When you start a business, it's easy to overlook this distinction. In the beginning, the main goal is having control of your schedule and earning revenue, but eventually, it's crucial that your company can survive without you.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

As a strong, motivated woman striving to succeed professionally and in your personal life, think about standing on the shoulders of giants—metaphorically, not literally.

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