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Women in Business Wednesdays: Cori Wamsley

Cori Wamsley helps speakers, coaches, and other leaders write books and get massive attention to their business, brand, or nonprofit through their writing so they can...

3 Lies Victims of Domestic Abuse Tell Themselves

For the past two years, you and your girlfriends have had brunch every third Sunday. The four of you have been friends since...

3 Pearls of Wisdom to Conquer Self-Discovery in 2021

1. Self Discovery  2021 Non-Negotiables  Are you excited? 2020 is out and 2021 is in. If you are like me you did plenty of soul...

Investigator Chandra Cleveland: Protecting Our Girls

Chandra is a pioneer of change on how the world looks at crimes on women and girls, especially African American women and girls.  Investigator Chandra Cleveland is the...

Changing from the Inside Out: Dr. Jiajoyce Conway

Dr. Jiajoyce Conway is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, married for 23- years, mother to four beautiful children, published author, educator, Certified...