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Are you tired of grinding every day, hoping to get your big break? Do you want to build a strong business model and make money while you sleep? Then join us for an interactive webinar. You’ll get access to over 30 tried and tested money-making business models used by billion-dollar companies such as Apple and Microsoft.

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My name is Gloria Ward. Entrepreneur, author, and revenue strategist. For many years I’ve been advising entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes on the fundamentals of revenue-generation. I’ve helped many of those businesses go from zero to success in just a few short months by teaching them a practical framework I built over the years to innovate their business model.

So, I will boldly say, Stop wasting your time and money “Trying” to start or grow your business. I will also be bold and say, “Stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars paying for services that are not generating any money until you read this entire letter.

But first, let me tell you a quick story…

Maybe you can relate to this…

About eight years ago, I got fed up with my business. I was:

  • Spending money I didn’t have
  • Making little to no sales
  • Under constant pressure and stress from family
  • Falling deeper and deeper into debt

And to top it off, I was in the middle of a divorce and needed to find extra money to move out of my home. To say my life and business were a mess was an understatement. I really considered getting a job, because with life happening, and no money coming in, I didn’t see how I was going to make it.

Then one day,

almost by accident, I discovered how to turn my business around immediately by developing a real working business model from a business mogul genius out of Washington DC. He taught me to look at my business to see where the real money came from. He also taught me how to analyze and understand other industries to see what I could apply to my business. One example he gave was how McDonald’s got the drive-through concept from the banking industry and how Uber took the navigation concept from a video game!

When I started studying these concepts and seeing how companies use these techniques to not only innovate their business but also make millions of Dollars, I knew I needed to learn everything about building business models.

And I did. The result?

My struggling business changed overnight. I started generating more income than expenses. I learned the proper channels to reach my customers and deliver more value. I also learned how to use business models to think outside the box and stay ahead of the competition.

Sounds pretty basic, right? But think about it, in this internet/AI age, the “Old School” business building methods will kill your chances of having any real business success. You see it all the time! You can go on social media and see all these ‘Influencers’ making thousands of dollars promoting brands and making money by making simple videos at home. You see major brands constantly changing how they sell to you because they’re ‘testing different Business Models’. I need more time to talk about AI, but you see where things are headed.

So, when you join me live, I’m going to teach you the exact blueprint I use as well as:


So, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You’ll finally:

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Gloria Ward. 

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