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5 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Overcome Workplace Discrimination

At present, gender equity across workplaces remains insufficient in the UK. Furthermore, data on today’s labour force found that women in the UK continue...

Workplace Wellness – Creating a Thriving, High-Performing Workplace Culture

If you’re in the corporate world, it's very likely that you spend a significant amount of time at the office, or interacting with other employees. Even if you’re in a remote role, working from home, the culture of the organization you work for infiltrates and affects your life.

Choosing the right Business Model for Your Business

If you are looking to start a business, it is vital to consider all possible business models for your company. Successful businesses stem from innovative ideas or products. In addition, a successful business is created by communicating its value to the world. It is important to choose the right business model for your business because it will determine how your business operates and how it makes money. The wrong business model can lead to financial problems and even failure.

5 ways a Coach can help you change your business and your life

As a woman, you are constantly juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. You are expected to be a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a career woman. And if you are also an entrepreneur, you have the added stress of running a business.

5 Reasons You Need a Business Plan

You have the hustle and the heart to make your business succeed, but do you have a plan? A business plan is like your blueprint. In one concise document, you can find all the background information and a roadmap for the future, so nothing falls through the cracks while your dream becomes a reality.

The 3 Ways to Deal with Toxic Relationships

A favorite quote of mine is "Before you diagnosis yourself with depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem, make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes," -Sigmund Freud.

Investment Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

There’s a big difference between the financial standing of men and women—and it’s time to bridge that gap. 

Is People Pleasing Distracting You from Your Soul’s Path?

Are you living a life that YOU have chosen? Or are you doing lots of things you think you should or have to? Sometimes we set out on a path in the direction we want to go, but then we get distracted by constantly meeting other people’s needs.

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Is Imposter’s Syndrome a Real Thing? Imposter Syndrome is a...

5 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Overcome Workplace Discrimination

At present, gender equity across workplaces remains insufficient in...

Holiday Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

While December is considered a time for joy and celebration, not everyone has been bitten by the holiday cheer bug—and that’s perfectly okay.

Are you building a business, or creating a job for yourself?

When you start a business, it's easy to overlook this distinction. In the beginning, the main goal is having control of your schedule and earning revenue, but eventually, it's crucial that your company can survive without you.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

As a strong, motivated woman striving to succeed professionally and in your personal life, think about standing on the shoulders of giants—metaphorically, not literally.

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