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ANT Therapy – Master Your Automatic Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is a normal part of life. From time to time, we all have automatic negative thoughts, or ANTs. ANTs are those thoughts that pop into our heads without us even realizing it.

Tips For Managing Your Mental Health By Nami Broward County

Mental health expert Dr. Sandra Cumper Boynton, Executive Director of National Alliance on Mental Illness Broward County (NAMI Broward County), talks about some critical...

Gavriela Powers – Not a Doormat.

A millennial born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Gavriela Powers grew up as a minority in a poverty-ridden neighborhood with parents who were caught...

Survivors can Soar!

Not all heroes wear capes. Daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wife, and truthteller, L.Tomay Douglas shares her story of survival and her road to restorative...

Cheslie Kryst… Speak her name…

Cheslie Kryst was crowned Miss USA in 2019. She was one of 5 of Black Women who held a Major Crown. A young lawyer...

3 Facts About Human Trafficking

As Human Trafficking Awareness Month draws to a close, this is a reminder that traffickers don't rest, and the plight continues.

Behind his smile is a story we will never understand

As you guys might have heard, Actress Regina King lost her son Ian Alexander Jr. over the weekend to suicide. He just celebrated his...

How A Victim of Trafficking Found Her Voice, And How You Can Too

I was taught at a young age that my role on the earth was to serve my husband, put my own desires aside, and have as many children as possible. At the age of 23, I met my trafficker, and today, I have found my voice again.

Breast Cancer – A Gift Tucked Behind my Heart.

“Tatyana, I wish I could deliver better news, but you have cancer and I am so sorry to tell you like this…” I was talking...

3 Ways Mj Callaway Used Breast Cancer to Bounce-Up™ not Bounce Back

Like our world today, you and I have had many changes and challenges that have impacted personally and professionally. As you know, what happens...

12 Tips to De-Stress and Love Yourself Guide

Coach Nnenna’s 12 Tips to De-Stress and Love Yourself Guide A certified Holistic Wellness Coach out of Chicago with a passion for helping women achieve...

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Is Imposter’s Syndrome a Real Thing?

Is Imposter’s Syndrome a Real Thing? Imposter Syndrome is a...

5 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Overcome Workplace Discrimination

At present, gender equity across workplaces remains insufficient in...

Holiday Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

While December is considered a time for joy and celebration, not everyone has been bitten by the holiday cheer bug—and that’s perfectly okay.

Are you building a business, or creating a job for yourself?

When you start a business, it's easy to overlook this distinction. In the beginning, the main goal is having control of your schedule and earning revenue, but eventually, it's crucial that your company can survive without you.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

As a strong, motivated woman striving to succeed professionally and in your personal life, think about standing on the shoulders of giants—metaphorically, not literally.

How to talk to your kids about Divorce
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