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One Size Does Not Fit All

In a world where certain body types are put above others, and the "other" is deemed unacceptable, it is challenging to wear whatever you want, especially regarding fashion trends. When it comes to fashion, these trends rarely display different types of bodies, which can lead to comparisons and negative thinking of one's appearance. Being a bigger size, I find myself leaning towards both.

Ella Destiny: Taking a Stand for Women’s Health

Who knew fibroids would be debilitating? Some say "things happen for a reason;" in this case, several unfortunate events would lead to a life of...

How We Grew Our Family Through Embryo Adoption and 3 Things I Wish I Knew

The Top 3 Things I Wish I Knew About Embryo Adoption By: Dr. Rebecca Westbrook Have you ever considered embryo adoption as a great...

Breast Cancer – A Gift Tucked Behind my Heart.

“Tatyana, I wish I could deliver better news, but you have cancer and I am so sorry to tell you like this…” I was talking...

3 Ways Mj Callaway Used Breast Cancer to Bounce-Up™ not Bounce Back

Like our world today, you and I have had many changes and challenges that have impacted personally and professionally. As you know, what happens...

12 Tips to De-Stress and Love Yourself Guide

Coach Nnenna’s 12 Tips to De-Stress and Love Yourself Guide A certified Holistic Wellness Coach out of Chicago with a passion for helping women achieve...

Improve Your Married Sex Life: Tips from a Real Life Sex Coach

By: Danielle Savory Married “sex life” is assumed to get more blah and routine with time, but it doesn’t have to be this way at all....

How To Talk To Your Kids About Body Safety

As we start off with Child-Abuse and Assault Awareness, we speak with a survivor. We first spoke to Rachel Rakovan over a year ago...

7 Women Who Made Financial History

As we head into week 3 of Women's History Month, we need to talk about something: FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. What does that mean to you? For...

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Is Imposter’s Syndrome a Real Thing? Imposter Syndrome is a...

5 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Overcome Workplace Discrimination

At present, gender equity across workplaces remains insufficient in...

Holiday Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

While December is considered a time for joy and celebration, not everyone has been bitten by the holiday cheer bug—and that’s perfectly okay.

Are you building a business, or creating a job for yourself?

When you start a business, it's easy to overlook this distinction. In the beginning, the main goal is having control of your schedule and earning revenue, but eventually, it's crucial that your company can survive without you.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

As a strong, motivated woman striving to succeed professionally and in your personal life, think about standing on the shoulders of giants—metaphorically, not literally.

How to talk to your kids about Divorce
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