How To Rewrite Your Story


How To Rewrite Your Story 

Has your life not turned out how you thought it would? Maybe life circumstances happened, or you made some decisions you aren’t proud of, or maybe a combination of both. However life unfolded it wasn’t how you imagined it, and now you want to find a way to rewrite it. 

Accept Your Story 

This was hard for me. I thought that if I accepted my story it meant I was making everything okay. There were things from my past that I didn’t want to make okay, so I held onto anger and resentment. However, I finally started to realize that acceptance was going to set me free. It didn’t mean everything from my past was okay, it meant that it was time to heal and release so it wouldn’t keep hurting me now that I was in the present. 


One of the ways I accepted my story was to write it out. Once I was able to write it out I was able to identify the areas where I needed to accept my story and release the resentment, anger, or shame I was still holding onto. 

An example of this was an ex I dated. He never made me a priority, yet I stayed in the relationship on and off for ten years. I was so mad at him that I carried this anger around with me for years. Finally one day I had to accept that this happened in my life. This was apart of my experience, and accepting it meant I was ready to start releasing it.  

What Parts Do You Want To Rewrite 

Once you get your story written out, it is time to decide what part you want to rewrite. What can you learn from these parts of your story? What are the lessons you can take away? How would you like your future to look instead? 

The key is to use your story to empower how you create your future. When you begin to release your past you will start to feel more empowered. From this empowered place you get to decide how you show up in life. 

Continuing with my example. Once I had an understanding of my story with my ex. I was able to figure out how I wanted to show up in future relationships. What were my non-negotiables? How was I going to handle navigating a relationship in ways I didn’t in my past. 

Taking Responsibility Of Your Story 

The last part is how to take responsibility for your story. Again, this is not about making your past okay if someone has wronged you, or blaming yourself for the situation. It is about how can I look at my story from an empowered place. 

We can’t change the past and when we stay stuck in resentment or shame it is as if we are trying to. But you can’t outrun shame or other emotions. You need to face them. When it comes to your story where do you want to take responsibility? Who do you need to forgive? How do you want to forgive? How do you want to show up currently when you think about your story? Taking responsibility is the act of taking your power back. It is not letting your past or someone else hold the power over you. 

Continuing with my story about my ex. I had to forgive myself for not listening to my intuition about the relationship. I had to forgive myself for staying in the relationship that long. I had to learn how to love myself, so I didn’t rely on a significant other to do it for me. This is how I took my power back. With this process, my resentment faded, and I took the lessons I needed to learn from the experience so I could show up as a better version of myself for the next relationship. 



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