Summer Fun While Social Distancing


School…is…out…for…summer! Remember that feeling? Being a kid and it is the last day of school. Excitement has been in the air all week long. You are done with exams and ready for a much-needed break. Summertime was so much fun! Cook outs, playing in the pool, shopping, going to the movies, parties, and carefree enjoyment.

No doubt your children are feeling that way right now. However, this year, has been very different. All over from state to state and city to city kids have participated in eLearning while under quarantine or lockdown. Now that the country is reopening and workplans are complete, they yearn and need fun like never before. How can you ensure that your children enjoy their summer under state restrictions and while being safe?  Here are a few tips:

Virtual Playdates

While some moms are comfortable having a small gathering of a few children, others aren’t. The alternative, Zoom! Zoom is a virtual meeting platform that allows you to chat, have meetings, and even virtual conferences. Participants can range from one to many. In April, USA today reported, “Zoom now has about 300 million daily meeting participants…That’s up from last month, when it surpassed more than 200 million daily meeting participants on its free and paid versions, compared to a high in 2019 of 10 million.”


With Zoom, creating a FREE account is simple and easy. Many people trust the services of zoom from schools and colleges giving online instruction to celebrities. Get creative! There are a lot of fun games that can be played virtually as a group for children to enjoy. Or, why not have a virtual dance party?

Many teen gamers love Zoom. This allows them to get online and be engaged with each other in a more personal way while playing favorites likes Brawlhalla, Minecraft, Rocket League, Super Smash Bro., or any other multiplayer games.  

Enjoy the Park

Most parents visit the park frequently during the summer. However, the jungle gym may not be the best activity this year. No problem, there are plenty of outdoor games and activities to play instead. Have you thought about flying a kite, playing toss, learning how to throw a boomerang, or having fun with a frisbee?

Your Front Yard

If you prefer to shelter in place for just a little while longer, there are many games to play on your front porch. Try jacks, monopoly, playing cards, and the list goes on and on.

This is summer is one that we will never forget. COVID-19 has brought about some much change. By making a few adjustments, like keeping mask handy, having plenty of sanitizer, practicing social distancing, and use of a good imagination, your children can enjoy these next few months and experience a world of adventure.

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