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Practices to Combat Burnout

Burnout is a word we are all familiar with and have probably experienced.  In today’s work world, it feels like burnout is inevitable.  For...

Black Women In Digital Media: Starting Your Own Agency

Get Social launched in 2020 after an immediate demand for social media in a higher form. That’s what it's about, finding the specialty that...

Intentional Tips to Accelerate Your Success in Business

When corporate women level up, business results soar. Whether climbing the corporate ladder or running a small business, these leadership tips will enhance results.  Who...

Five tips to increase and enhance your self-worth

Having self-worth and self-confidence is key when it comes to your mental health and overall well-being. Without it, there’s a chance that you’ll develop unhelpful coping habits, depression, anxiety, or find yourself in relationships and friendships that don’t serve you.

How We Grew Our Family Through Embryo Adoption and 3 Things I Wish I Knew

The Top 3 Things I Wish I Knew About Embryo Adoption By: Dr. Rebecca Westbrook Have you ever considered embryo adoption as a great...

Breast Cancer – A Gift Tucked Behind my Heart.

“Tatyana, I wish I could deliver better news, but you have cancer and I am so sorry to tell you like this…” I was talking...

3 Ways Mj Callaway Used Breast Cancer to Bounce-Up™ not Bounce Back

Like our world today, you and I have had many changes and challenges that have impacted personally and professionally. As you know, what happens...

Separating Yourself From Competitors

Let’s tackle a question every entrepreneur asks themselves when starting up their brand or business. The question: How can you separate yourself from your...

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ANT Therapy – Master Your Automatic Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is a normal part of life. From...

5 Routines to Pull You From Life’s Dark Winters

By: Laura Flynn I certainly didn't plan for my...

One Size Does Not Fit All

In a world where certain body types are put above others, and the "other" is deemed unacceptable, it is challenging to wear whatever you want, especially regarding fashion trends. When it comes to fashion, these trends rarely display different types of bodies, which can lead to comparisons and negative thinking of one's appearance. Being a bigger size, I find myself leaning towards both.

Mental Health & Success: You can have both!

Do you know what the definition of success is? The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It doesn’t say it has to be a life-changing purpose. It can be as simple as getting out of bed in the morning. That is a success.

Creating work-life balance as a Libra Super Mom

As a Libra, balance is a must-have for me. Finding my balance was a simple process when I was single, but once I became a mom, I had to figure out how to keep my balance and have my children. I found out that the main thing that I needed was a schedule.