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Dowan McNair-Lee: Educational Advocate For The Next Generation

Many of us are aware of the inequalities in our judicial system, but what about our educational system? Did you know that Black students...

Charity Collier : Choosing to Serve Through Grief

Charity Collier is the Founder of Meditating Together. Her platform highlights the mind, body, and spirit connection with meditation practice and teachings regardless of...

Make Your Mother Proud

Repairing The Broken Heart Life After Trauma By Mira Cassidy Many daughters look up to and admire their mother. When they are little, they play games and...

Monica Mason: Overcoming a Real-Life Love Triangle

For the past 4 years, Monica Mason has become one of Philadelphia’s hottest Celebrity Radio Host and put Philadelphia internet radio on the map....

LaTarsha Holden Goes Against All Odds

LaTarsha Holden is a native of Atlanta, GA. She was a walking statistic: high-school drop-out, four kids by the age of twenty-two, welfare recipient, low self-esteem,...