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Empowering Adolescent Girls to Prevent Sexual Exploitation: A Form of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become the topic of much discussion, and yet the question as to what is considered human trafficking is a prevalent one....

Watch the Company You Keep

Repairing The Broken Heart Life After Trauma By Mira Cassidy Be On The Watch Hey Girl! You must watch the company that you keep. Now I’m not talking about...

Inspired by: Patricia Yiu

"Take care of yourself first. As many of you are wives, mothers, and businesswomen, it's very easy to forget that you need to take care...

How Losing Her Father To Suicide Taught Her Perseverance

How are you doing right now?... Don’t just read those words. Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and honestly ask yourself, “how...

Women in Business Wednesday: Kalyn Young

Handmade with LOVE in Washington, DC by DC native Kalyn Young, Naturally Phased LLC was born. Growing up with sensitive skin and being allergic to nickel and...