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A Man Is Not A Plan

Repairing The Broken Heart Life After Trauma By Mira Cassidy Hey Girl! I understand that you want a man, however, a man is not a necessity. Our needs...

Empowered by: Shunda K

Rap sensation and voice of Yo! Majesty, Lashunda Flowers, better known as Shunda K is recently launched as a solo artist with the mixtape...

Self-Love Conversations: Danniele Tammjarv

She's an international speaker, writer, author and LOVER of humans. Danniele experienced the highs and lows of the love/hate relationship with herself, people pleasing, self-hate, eating...

Celebrating Black Women in Tech with Stacy Kirk

For more than 20 years Stacy Kirk has advocated for and facilitated representation, quality, and process innovation in software development as a tech entrepreneur....

5 Takeaways From Our Discussion With A Rape Crisis Counselor

Robert Uttaro is currently in his 12th year as a rape crisis counselor and community educator. Inspired by his undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice,...