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Celebrating Black Women in Tech with Stacy Kirk

For more than 20 years Stacy Kirk has advocated for and facilitated representation, quality, and process innovation in software development as a tech entrepreneur....

Self Love Conversations-Autistic Mom raising an Autistic child.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OM1b5wETtM The strength of an Autistic mom raising an autistic child. Pammara is an advocate, student, wife and mom handling the challenges of everyday life...

5 Wellness Tips To Get Through Quarantine

5 Wellness Tips To Get Through Quarantine 1. Be The Captain of Your Peace-being the captain of your peace means that you know you are...

Inspired by: Patricia Yiu

"Take care of yourself first. As many of you are wives, mothers, and businesswomen, it's very easy to forget that you need to take care...

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