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Behind Closed Doors: The Wendy Williams Documentary Debate

The premiere of "Where Is Wendy Williams?" documentary series...

Councilman Eric Mays Passes Away

The city of Flint, Michigan, mourns the loss of one of its most dedicated public servants, Councilman Eric Mays.

Rie’s Layoff Surprise: A Story of Job Insecurity and Corporate Accountability

Rie, a recent Paramount Global hire, recorded her layoff meeting on TikTok, which has sparked much debate. Rie, who started working at Paramount Global three prior, got a big shock.

Gloria Ward

For more than a decade, Gloria Ward has devoted her life to helping women and women business owners around the world discover the own uniqueness and start and build their business. Considered to be the next nations leader in Self love, Self transformation and high business performance, Gloria has impacted the lives of thousands of women around the globe with her platform I’m Loving Me Project and Girls L.E.A.P. Gloria has coached and mentored many women from every walk of life- From single moms, newly divorced, and women business owners. She has been featured on the Tamron Hall show, Voyage ATL, Thrive Global, and Women Global Magazine.
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How to rediscover yourself and rebuild your life after divorce

After five, ten, and 20 years of marriage, your opinions and interests can become eerily similar to your partners. If your marriage ends in divorce, the idea of rediscovering your own thoughts, hobbies, and passions, in addition to rebuilding your life can feel rather daunting.

I wish I had more time… Traci Braxton

Hey Sis, You probably heard already about the death of Traci Braxton the sister of Toni and Tamar Braxton. She passed away on Saturday from...

A Love Letter to My Sista’s

To my beloved Sista’s: I love you. From the creative ways you think, smile, to your Boss ass career moves, and the way you hold...

Cheslie Kryst… Speak her name…

Cheslie Kryst was crowned Miss USA in 2019. She was one of 5 of Black Women who held a Major Crown. A young lawyer...

Behind his smile is a story we will never understand

As you guys might have heard, Actress Regina King lost her son Ian Alexander Jr. over the weekend to suicide. He just celebrated his...

Pastor Who Advocated Spousal Rape Quits Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Days after a video surfaced of a controversial sermon during which Bronx pastor Dr. Burnett L. Robinson seemed to advocate for spousal rape, the...

How does she put life back together after this?

Hey Ladies, Here's my take on the Daunte Wright tragedy. I'm praying for this woman. Leave your comments and let me know what you...

What’s the one thing in life you’re so happy you did?

If you missed the podcast I did Monday, I was talking about how important it is to know your worth. You can check it...

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