While the idea of a dream come true for some may be landing the job of their dreams, the wedding they have fanaticized about since they were a young girl or taking a luxurious vacation, that isn’t the case for many others. There are those that daydream about earning enough to pay their bills, escape a dangerous relationship, or know that they can feed their children every night. Not many people still believe in fairy tales or dreams that come true. That is until they come in contact with The Blackfairygodmother Foundation.

This world shifting organization was founded by Simone Gordon, a single mother from East Orange, New Jersey, with her own testimony and heart to see those in need shift the course of their life. Simone is a social activist, motivational speaker, philanthropist, domestic violence resource specialist, and special needs advocate who was in her own place of need and saw a gap in a system not designed to truly help meet the needs of marginalized families. After her own experience of coming in contact with complete strangers on social media that had a heart to serve Simone began to use her platform to do the same for black and brown families across the country. 

Her Instagram page has turned into a hub for families to reach out for help and connect them with families who have a heart to help and the means to meet their needs. The foundation is managed with a team of volunteers in various cities that work tirelessly around the clock, viewing intake applications, managing fundraising pools, making calls and doing research to find safe housing, mentoring calls, offering their encouragement, support and so much more!

Simone’s goal is to help these families not just meet their immediate needs but to obtain the tools and support needed to assist them in gaining stability. As she continues to work to impact lives, it is her desire to grow and include more elaborate programs that work one on one with those she connects with as well as offer transitional housing.  Simone’s heart to serve is huge and stretches beyond her own level of responsibilities.  She manages to do all of the work she does while being a full time mother and primary caretaker to her handsome son Jarvis, who is severely autistic, nonverbal, and requires 24/7 care.  Additionally she is a full time nursing student.  In the midst of all she has to manage in her own home, Simone continues to be driven to help these families.  Her Superwoman powers are truly amazing and she embodies the spirit of Black Girl Magic!  Simone and The Blackfairygodmother Foundation is so grateful for the overwhelming support and wishes to continue the work they do making a difference in the lives of others.

Caige Phoenix @ K’Moni & Co.

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