Inspired by: Kiersten Kelly


Kiersten Kelly had a Youtube video go viral in 2013 when she performed the “One Hand Cup Song” and inspired thousands all over the world. Kiersten was born with only half of her right arm and ferociously chased a career in music teaching others, especially those with disabilities, that nothing can hold you back from your dreams. Now a graduate from Berklee College of Music and a current musician in L.A., Kiersten is the epitome of strength, hard work and inspiration. Read our exclusive interview on all that’s upcoming for this music sensation.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I see a strong woman with an admirable work ethic

I see a woman who has fought for her dream every step of the way and who never takes no for an answer.


I see a woman that doesn’t always view herself in the best light because we’re all human and sometimes our own worst critics.

But I see a woman embracing her imperfections and working towards a better version of herself every day

I see me.

Do you have any business ventures?

I am a singer/songwriter! I’m working towards making it my main job (instead of one of three) lol in the near future. I’m working as much as I can to achieve this goal

Any big projects coming in the future?

Yes! My new single ‘Gone’ will be out on May 10th. I’ve been working on new music for some time and I’m extremely excited to start sharing it with the world!

What do you most love about what you do?

I love how it makes me feel. When I’m performing, it’s like another version of me appears. The adrenaline rushes through my body. I feel my most confident self when I am onstage.

Do you have any tips for women?

Trust yourself and trust your instincts. It is more than likely always right. Some people may try to diminish your knowledge and your voice but take that negativity and use it as motivation to prove them wrong. Be strong, stand tall, and fight smart

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a successful business woman and performer. As long as I love what I do every day, I will be happy and that’s what is most important.

How do you hope to empower women or is there an imprint you’d like to leave?

I hope to empower other women, especially women with disabilities. I want to demonstrate that women are capable of accomplishing any and every goal that we have.

We are worthy of a position of command. Our voices matter and our opinions matter. Be outspoken and don’t let anyone make you doubt your words. Don’t ever let someone try to belittle you or make you feel like you are incapable of completing a task. Instead, show them beyond what their expectation of you is. Being a woman, especially one with a disability does not make us weak but instead, make us stronger and more driven.

What do you think your ultimate purpose in life is?

I think one’s purpose in life can change as you get older and expand your interests. As of now though, I think my purpose is to take the outspoken trait I have and use it to continue the conversation concerning women in business, more specifically, women with disabilities in business. To take my passion, turn it into a career, and inspire others to fight for their dreams. I think my purpose in life is to flaunt my flaws instead of hiding them because we’re all uniquely beautiful; we should embrace ourselves instead of trying to be someone else.

How do you think we, together, can help women gain confidence and reach their fullest potential?

Be kind to one another and support each other. There’s enough room at the top for all of us. We can’t make it alone; to have a team of strong-minded women is more impactful than many individual women.



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