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August is here! It’s that time again. If your children haven’t already started, then they soon will be. Are you well-rested and prepared? This summer has been one like no other. Many of our favorite places to take the kids were closed. We had to think of new and innovative ways to keep them entertained while squeezing out time for ourselves. When leaving the house how many times did you ask the kids, “where’s your mask?”  

Across the nation schools and school districts are making different decisions about going back. Some have announced that they will be 100% virtual for the 2020-2021 school year. Others have given parents a choice between in-person and virtual. Then there are some schools where no virtual option is provided and kids will follow a “new school normal.” This may include wearing a mask all day with mask break time, social distancing, and eating lunch within the classroom.

However, for virtual mom, how will you make this school year better than the last? What did you learn after the initial shock of being a homeschool mom? Did things get better as the weeks continued? Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the road a little easier.

Prepare Ahead


When you are prepared and have things in mind the day goes a lot smoother. It won’t be perfect, but things go better because you visualized what needs to be done and how to do it. A great time to prepare is over the weekend. Look ahead at your child’s workplan. Find ways to make it fun and teach differently.

Look around the house and see what items you already have that you can use to visually stimulate your child’s mind. Can you use macaroni noodles to teach math? Can you incorporate a funky song to teach a science lesson? Can you find YouTube videos to teach English or Spanish lessons? Many virtual schools have a curriculum for parents to follow, however, you know your child. You may need to add something more.

Don’t forget to look at your works schedule for the week. What can you do early or move back?

Can you homeschool for the early part of the day and work in the evenings? Are you able to work more over the weekends and less during the week? Is it better to give the kids a 90-minute break so you can catch up on calls? It’s not easy but planning is the way to go!

Get Up Before They Do

It’s best to arrange your schedule so that you can rise before the kids wake up. This will allow you a moment of serenity before you hear, “Mom!” several dozen times before noon. If you meditate, early in the morning is a great time to do this. Allow yourself a little breathing time to mentally prepare for each day. Can you get an hour or two in of work before the kids wake up?

Use this quiet time to get breakfast together, lunch, and snacks. Have your snacks and food ready as well. This will allow you to use your time more productively and help to finish the school day at a decent hour.

Take Care of Yourself

Be sure to take time out for yourself to get needed rest. Your physical and mental health is important, and your kids need you. Take a moment and refocus. You work hard. Don’t forget to reward yourself and find little ways to treat yourself each week.

Mira Cassidy

Writer, Travel Agent, and Motivational Speaker

Speaking Topics include:

Breaking Free from Interpersonal Abuse, Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experience and Live, Learn, Travel 

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Mira Cassidy is an Indianapolis author, journalist, and motivational speaker who from a young age found peace and serenity in writing. A love for the art form blossomed in 2015 when she went back to complete her degree after an eleven-year hiatus. There she took additional English and creative writing courses. During those semesters the depth of her creativity was unlocked, and she produced some of her first short stories and additional poems. As a teen she received the opportunity to continue her studies in Telecommunications via the local Youth Video Institute where she developed a foundation in video production, directing, editing, and journalism. This experience allowed her to interview and meet many individuals from different walks of life including a very young Nick Cannon, David Hollister, and Suzanne Taylor. Today, Mira is a very busy and devoted mother of three. She uses her voice to raise awareness to the pain and suffering caused by domestic violence, adverse childhood experiences, and destructive cycles. Also, she advocates for more funding and focus to be brought into area schools to service children who are exceptional learners.


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