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Finding Inspiration During Our Darkest Moments

This Sunday, October 18, 2020, the I'm Loving Me Project will kickstart Pink Week 2020! It's our week dedicated to the education about Breast...

Shifting Negative Emotions & Situations To Learning Opportunities

I used to be terrified to fail. I was scared of my negative emotions, I was afraid of messing up, being embarrassed, and any...

Learning How To Love Yourself

Learning How To Love Yourself 3/ 3 When I was growing my confidence I realized I needed three things to help me, the first was...

We Are Woman- Hear Us Roar

Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on Friday, September 18, 2020. She was one of my heroes. Since her death, I’ve been thinking a lot about...

Tips to Productively Work Remotely and Virtually Lead Your Team

With coronavirus shaping our future and completely restructuring the way we conduct business on the day-to-day, we've had to learn new strategies and approaches...