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Louise Le Gat: Cultivating Meaningful Leadership

Louise Le Gat is an Experienced Facilitator, Transformation Coach, and Creator of the ‘Positive Energy Leaders’ Transformation Journey. She helps leaders who are successful, but feel that...

Finding Your Purpose While Enduring Chronic Illness

At a very young age, we were given the quest to imagine our future careers, family, and what our lives will look like. In...

Empowered by: Michelle Alford

Is entrepreneurship something you learn or something you're born with? For Michelle Alford, she was an entrepreneur since childhood. Now the founder of multiple...

Chandra Gore: Coming Back Stronger

Adversity is something we all face. Coming back stronger than you were before isn't always the case. For Chandra Gore, a diagnosis, a loss...

I Am Not a Label

All our lives, we identify ourselves with labels. Our gender, our nationality, our profession, our function in our family. But sometimes life puts more...