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Put On Your Red Lipstick!

What are you afraid of? Do you realize how AMAZING you are? If you forgot let me be your reminder! You Got This! You are...

Traditional Media vs. Digital Media

Welcome to the new age, an age thrived in digital platforms. Recently, a friend of CLC’s interviewed our team for a college assignment and...

Glenda Hargrove: Nursing Saved Her Life So She Could Save Others

Glenda Hargrove, a Registered Nurse and owner of brand Pill Apparel based in Atlanta, Georgia lives by her motto ‘Nursing saved my life so...

How To Rewrite Your Story

How To Rewrite Your Story  Has your life not turned out how you thought it would? Maybe life circumstances happened, or you made some decisions...

Four lessons I learned from forgiving my father

Nobody is perfect - it’s a cliché we all know, and in our strongest moments, we remember this and let go of the grudges...