3 Pearls of Wisdom to Conquer Self-Discovery in 2021


1. Self Discovery  2021 Non-Negotiables 

Are you excited? 2020 is out and 2021 is in. If you are like me you did plenty of soul searching, major adjustments and releasing of attachments that no longer served your greater good. The last couple of days of 2020, I reflected on the major leaps I took in my life this year, reflected on areas I’ve outgrown and how I wanted to play out 2021. Many times we need to pause for the cause to examine all things in us. Self-discovery is something everyone needs to do prior to leaping into the next level. Take time to get to know the person you have been carrying around all these years. The person who knows your deepest secrets, heartaches and victories.

 In order to be your most authentic self you must “Know Thyself.” This takes time, honesty and willingness to explore who you are. When you meet people who have not discovered who they are you are meeting their representative, mask on and all. If you haven’t taken the chance to deep dive into your existence then you are not living an authentic life but living as a stranger in your own story. Self-discovery causes you to ask questions, examine your behaviors and patterns. Once you begin to search within, you will understand much of your life’s journey, why you had to travel the road you did, the decisions you made along the way and an opportunity to see how courageous you really were. When you look over your life you see the ugly parts but when you begin to turn the pages, write new chapters and gain momentum you will recognize, you have a beautiful story. 

Before you get into this new year, do some self-discovery. Set the tone for your year because you are really investing in knowing the real you. As you journey along take these pearls into consideration:


1. Surrender to the process. Let go and evolve. Life is constantly about evolving, why not grow into the best version of you? 

2. Make peace with yourself. Nobody is perfect that includes you, but you are amazing in your own way.  Focusing on your insecurities and failures will not allow you to understand how amazing you really are. 

3. Give yourself grace. You do the best you can with what you have. Keep adding to your best.

Get excited about living, not surviving. Life have a whole huge playground you can explore, why not start with you, this is your story. 



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