Discovering The One Word That Will Change Your Life


That One Word

Set the tone with how your year and life will be. It’s all up to you. Everyday you have a choice on how your life will be, the direction it will go and who gets space to enjoy it with you. Now, what excuses can you possibly have to not live your life fully on your terms? This is your story, you write as you please. 

I am challenging you to decide how your life will be this year with one word. I know it can be multiple words but let’s do one for now and then you can add on as you grow taller. The one word you pick will be the word holding you accountable and you must demonstrate with actions this whole year. There are more words we can use to describe our character, goals and dreams. Let’s find one that holds us accountable to our true essence of who we want to be. Words are powerful. The most important two are “I AM.” The words you speak are who you become. Words birth actions. What will be your one word you will use to breathe self awareness, actions and life into your life for you to become all things you. 

Here is my one word: Align 


I want everything around me to be aligned with who I am, my purpose, desires and dreams. This is in personal and in business. In order for me to be the best, I have to speak, surround myself and become who I desire to be. If not, everything around me doesn’t represent me. So if it does not align, “I don’t have time.”  

Be intentional as you move forward in this year. Live purposefully. Release anything or anyone who is not connected to that one word you desire to be. 

So, my dear what is “that one word” for you? 



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