Tips to Remember Your Worth Through the Hard Times


The journey you have traveled this far can have you question your existence but this is a negative trait you must release and remove. What purpose will this serve in your greatness if you allow failures, mistakes and disappointments to determine your worth? Your existence? All those incidents are part of your success. Let’s break it down so you can gain a full understanding of how AMAZING you are:

Falling down- You got back up.  

Mistakes-You learned valuable lessons. 

Disappointments- You obtain perseverance. 


Difficult times- You absorbed resilience.

Everything points back to what you did. You had to decide, commit and show up to gain all that you are and that is GREATNESS rolled up in a beautiful soul. The reality of your journey, you are the MVP. 

My friend, the road you’ve been on is exactly what you need to make you realize how great you are. Do you not understand, when you look over your dark days that most people could not handle where you were and what you had to go through? Others don’t understand all your steps but you know each one of them and you paid the cost to walk in the shoes you are in. It amazes me sometimes when I look back over my life struggles of insecurities, a reckless relationship, being a single mother of 3, dealing with rejection and ostracism that I survived. As I become better, braver and bolder I realize I might have bent but I didn’t break and that speaks “I am not a quitter.” 

See yourself as the winner you truly are. Own your greatness and make no apologies about it. Live unapologetically. Most of all, when you look in the mirror, say “I know exactly who I AM.” OWN That! 


1. Know you have the power within

2. Giving yourself grace will allow the love, healing and life you desire to begin.

3. Decide this is who I AM and live it full out 

2. DNA Divine. Natural. Asset.  Do you know your DNA has a winner in it? 

You are excellent, genuinely made up of quality! Absolutely, with no doubt about it. Why do you doubt such a great attribute about yourself? Is it because you don’t have it all together? Guess what? None of us do. Is it because someone told you, you will never amount up to anything? But when you look around you have accomplished more than you can imagine. Is it because there is nobody in your corner? But you have launched a new business, bought a new home, earned a degree and so much more but you don’t realize your DNA says Winner? Well, let me be your bullhorn to remind you, hey WINNER!  

I know the world tells us we shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back because we have overcome some obstacles. It will seem like bragging but I beg your pardon. I say, celebrate your wins big or small. Cheer your existence on. Embrace you are winning at life.  Play full out! 

Yes, turmoil will rise up but you will stand on top of it. There is nothing that can stop a woman who is determined. If you don’t believe me, try it and I will wait for you to show me. Once you believe in who you are, heal the broken pieces and move in a higher direction towards your life, you my best friend are a force to reckon with and you have a pretty smile with a huge smile doing it. See past low self esteem, hurts and disappointments. Everything you’ve been through makes it turn for your good. Don’t allow the tears you shed, the mountains you climb make you feel you didn’t conquer the challenges. 

Look around, you did it and you won!  



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