Will Your Vote Count?


It’s alarming! Without a doubt, President Trump has bluntly stated that he plans to block billions of funding for the United States Postal Service in an effort to stop expanded mail-in voting. This will directly effort the democratic vote, which is exactly what Trump is attempting to control.

Trump declared days ago, “they need that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots…if we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money. That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting.” Joe Biden and many others across the country agree, both democratic and republic, that this is the President’s way of discrediting the election.

If the USPS does not receive what they need, then they will not be able to handle the increase in mail-in voting due to millions using this preferred method as a result of the pandemic. Taking all of this into consideration, will your voice be heard? Are the rights of millions of Americans being encroached upon? Will this have a stronger impact on the voice of minorities?

In late July, the USPS sent out notification warning states that they may not be able to process postal votes in time. According to CNBC, former president Barack Obama stated, “Everyone depends on the USPS. Seniors for their Social Security, veterans for their prescription, small businesses trying to keep their doors open. They can’t be collateral damage for an administration more concerned with suppressing the vote then suppressing a virus.”


Voting is an American right? What message is being conveyed when that right is taken away or tampered with? Let’s consider the history of voting. It wasn’t until 1919 that women were allowed the right to vote. However, African Americans did not receive the right to vote until much later and fought for years over this issue.

The Civil Rights movement quickly brought more attention to the problem, but change didn’t come until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which made it illegal to create barriers that prevented African Americans from voting. In 2012, black voters exceeded that of white voters for the first time in history to help reelect Barack Obama according to the article, “When did African Americans Actually Get the Right to Vote?” from History.com.

Your voice matters. Therefore, will you be heard? Will your vote count this presidential year? Some individuals have no choice but to use the mail-in process. What can be done? Many sources are recommending the following for now: Vote Early!

Mira Cassidy

Writer, Travel Agent, and Motivational Speaker

Speaking Topics include: Breaking Free from Interpersonal Abuse, Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experience and Live, Learn, Travel 

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Mira Cassidy is an Indianapolis author, journalist, and motivational speaker who from a young age found peace and serenity in writing. A love for the art form blossomed in 2015 when she went back to complete her degree after an eleven-year hiatus. There she took additional English and creative writing courses. During those semesters the depth of her creativity was unlocked, and she produced some of her first short stories and additional poems. As a teen she received the opportunity to continue her studies in Telecommunications via the local Youth Video Institute where she developed a foundation in video production, directing, editing, and journalism. This experience allowed her to interview and meet many individuals from different walks of life including a very young Nick Cannon, David Hollister, and Suzanne Taylor. Today, Mira is a very busy and devoted mother of three. She uses her voice to raise awareness to the pain and suffering caused by domestic violence, adverse childhood experiences, and destructive cycles. Also, she advocates for more funding and focus to be brought into area schools to service children who are exceptional learners.


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