5 Tips to Normalize the Conversation Around Mental Health


We have an amazing interview scheduled for you tonight at 7PM Est! “We have quite a number of years full of “shit you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy” under our belts, but zero credentials to be giving out advice. We do have our experiences, our humor, and passion for stopping the stigma surrounding mental health.” Join us for a talk with The Unqualified Therapists! Below are their 5 Tips to Normalize the Conversation Around Mental Health.

1.) Educate yourself on mental health and mental illness. Know your facts before making assumptions. Everyone’s situation is different.  People handle their mental health and heal in various ways. It is not one size fits all.

2.) Be open and honest with your own feelings and how you are truly doing. Do a mental health check in with yourself daily.

3.) Be careful with your language. It can be harmful even if your intent is not to do so.  Saying to someone who is acting moody that they are “so bipolar” can offend someone who is actually struggling with that illness or loves someone diagnosed.  Avoid phrases such as, “I am going to kill myself or take the bridge” when you are frustrated or angry because this can trigger those around you who have experienced suicidal thoughts or are sucide survivors. This is more prevalent than one may think.


4.) Listen and ask questions to understand how someone is feeling. Recognize that these feelings are real and intense for this person even if it seems trivial to you. Downplaying or offering advice such as, “It could be worse” can trigger the person to not talk to you or anyone else about it again. 

5.) Give grace. Give grace to yourself because you are going to make mistakes. Keep learning. Love yourself and those around you with a renewed perspective on the mental health struggles others may be living with.



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