5 Ways I Made it in the Beauty Industry as a Minority


Written by NATALIA ME-GAN of Natalia Me-gan Hair & Beauty

Consistency and focus are a big part of why I am as successful as I am today. I understand that it requires a lot to be an entrepreneur, especially in the industry I am in where there aren’t too many people wanting to help you as one is starting out. Please know that it won’t be easy but never give up on what you are truly passionate about. Some days will be better than others and you will fail. But take that failure as a lesson, see what didn’t work, figure out what could’ve been done differently and try it again. The win is in the reward and to receive the reward you have to put in the work. Just never quit. 

Grind/Hustle hard. As a woman it is already hard but as a minority woman it makes it even harder. I have to go above and beyond in my business. I have to make sure that I know my way, my target audience, that the products I put out are top notch and just the entire experience with us remains outstanding. I also have to bring my vision to life so that it intrigues others and makes them want to support us. 

Customer service. This plays a huge role in my brand. As a consumer I know what I expect when shopping. In return, I ensure every customer is treated as I want to be treated. Let’s be honest there’s already a stigma about minority owned business but specifically black owned business. We are critiqued differently than any other business. 


Industry. Always know your industry. Keep up with the ever changing trends and be ready to implement those as well into whatever you are doing. Part of being a successful business owner is learning. Always want to learn, you can never have too much knowledge. Also, find an accountability partner. Someone who will really push you to be your best self. 

Authenticity. Always be true to yourself and to your public. I pride myself on what you see is what you get. Even through my struggles I am able to smile through it all. Don’t let anyone change you. I’ve had to learn how to deal with different people without changing who I am. 



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