5 Wellness Tips To Get Through Quarantine


5 Wellness Tips To Get Through Quarantine

1. Be The Captain of Your Peace-being the captain of your peace means that you know you are in charge of your peace of mind. You know that song by Lauryn hill, called “Peace of Mind” and she says, “I gotta find peace of mind”? Well find peace of mind and embrace it. Don’t allow anyone to take away from your peace.

2. Know That It’s Okay to Block People-blocking people doesn’t mean you’re toxic, it means you don’t allow toxic people to affect you or your energy. I refer to toxic people as the enemy and what happens when you associate with the enemy? You eventually become one! No matter how much you don’t respond, their messages can still come through to you, as well as their energy which can transfer to you. So protect your peace and unapologetically block. 

3. Schedule Your Self Care DAILY-whether it be 30 minutes or two hours, make time to yourself and take care of you! This allows you to be the best version of yourself to others including your family, friends and jobs. This could be a nap, meditation, a face mask, an herbal bath, a walk in the park, or even a solo picnic. If you don’t do this, your body will slow you down, or you’ll become easily agitated, depressed or anxious. 


4. Write in a journal-reading isn’t the only thing that’s fundamental, writing is too. Everyday you need to write in a journal. What I like to do is write my affirmations in the morning which includes scripting (if you don’t know what this is, please look it up) and at night, I write how my day went and how I felt. This allows me to be in charge of my day from the start and I hold my self accountable by recording it, which I use to refer back to when I want to check my progress. 

5. Invest In Your Wellbeing-this starts with organizing your finances and budget wisely. Stop spending your money on things you don’t need or serve your purpose and invest in things that do serve you such as therapy, spiritual reading, meditation apps, books (such as mine, How I Turned My Misery Into My Ministry) and other wellness initiatives. 


My name is Davida Roach, a Charleston, SC native who moved to Atlanta August 2019 to chase my dreams. As a Criminologist and past law enforcement officer, I am very passionate about women’s safety so I created Dear Deanndra Inc., a nonprofit organization to prevent victimization for crimes targeting women. Because of my efforts, I am also the Creator of Davida’s Diary, a blogging platform that I use to empower men and women to be secured in my 6 pillars of security: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial and sexual. We put the cure in secured which helps prevent both men and women from toxic relationships and behaviors.

From my blogs, I created a networking group called Secured Society. It is imperative for us get out of our comfort zones as black men and women to have these necessary conversations with each other. This is what being secured is all about, and that is my ministry. 

I am also the author of “How I Turned My Misery Into My Ministry” which will give you the background on my experience with toxic relationships and how it prepared me for my calling to help others go through what I did, my ministry. It will also include a step by step guide to entrepreneurship and how to build your business. After reading this, you will feel empowered to turn YOUR misery into YOUR ministry.

You can follow me @davidasdiary and check out my blogs at DavidasDiary.



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