Repairing The Broken Heart

Life After Trauma

By Mira Cassidy

Hey Girl! I understand that you want a man, however, a man is not a necessity. Our needs are food, clothing, shelter, and self-love. With these essentials in place you will survive and put yourself in a position to accomplish and receive greater things.

To maintain your needs, money is a requirement. You must work or have a dependable means of receiving cash flow. Too many times females reason that a man, or their man, is the solution to burdens in life. After all, two incomes are better than one. Unfortunately, an unexpected catastrophe can strike any of us. A breakup, death, or something else. Are you prepared?

Financial health is so important. While you are consciously concerned about your physical, mental emotional, and spiritual health, have you made room for financial planning? If you are balanced financially, other dimensions of health will remain at a higher state of wellness.  

Many common stressors begin with a financial root. How do you feel emotionally and mentally when your mortgage is late? How do you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally when an unexpected financial burden blinds you from nowhere? What about when your employer has a hiccup in their system and paychecks are dispersed a day or two late, how’s your health then? In contrast, how do you feel when a surprise cost attacks, but you have the basic recommendation of $1000 in an emergency fund and three months of the amount you make in your savings account? Surely, you’ll rest better a night.

Being in a relationship is beautiful if that is your desire. Self-love requires that you chose someone who is healthy for you long term. When you are dependent and desperate for money, who will you settle for? Will this individual build you up, or tear you down?

Think reasonably! It’s time to get educated and gain control of your finances. Start today! Most individuals have the vastest search engine available right on their mobile phone. In just a few seconds you could learn skills and principles to live by that will improve your life and that of those you love.

If you are ready to become an entrepreneur and looking for assistance, learn all about G.I.R.L.S. Leap through I’m Loving Me Project. This platform was established just for you.

The year is 2020! It is time for you to live your best life. This means that you must strive to be your best physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, and financially. Learn about wealth, and how to build for yourself and your children!

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