How To Talk To Your Kids About Body Safety


As we start off with Child-Abuse and Assault Awareness, we speak with a survivor. We first spoke to Rachel Rakovan over a year ago and her story stuck with us as we continued to watch others become inspired by her story. Stripped of every basic need, Rachel Rakovan had a childhood of extreme poverty and sexual abuse. Raised by a single mother who was badly battered, much of her childhood was spent in fear and on the run. She has lived in 4 states and 8 cities. Risen from terrible circumstances, Rakovan has used her past as leverage to inspire and empower women worldwide.

She is now a State Delegate for the Green Party of Allegheny County, she has held 7 pageant titles, she holds a Masters Degree and was a Biology Professor and Advocate for Clean Water, she’s a TV Host and a mother of two competitive swimmers. Rachel spends her time fundraising for numerous causes and charities and is a partner in a gown store that donates proceeds to rehab water wells around the world and to a nonprofit that helps battered women gain entrepreneurial skills.

As if that’s not impressive enough, she brought clean water to 30,000 people in 2018 alone. She is a 8 time pageant title holder and with the current title of Mrs. Pittsburgh PA America 2021. Today, she is helping us by sharing her tips to talking to your children about body safety:

1.) Teach Transparency


2.) Teach Awareness of Surroundings

3.) Teach Buddy Systems

4.) Arm Yourself: Whistles, Spray, etc.

5.) Make Sure Your Children Know Their Emergency Contacts

6.) Spend Time with Those You Trust

7.) Stay in Safe Environments

8.) Utilize School Counselors & Resources

9.) Media Censorship and Screen Time Monitoring



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