Aspirations to Show Up as your Authentic Self.


Have you ever looked in the mirror and ask yourself, who is this? Have your actions demonstrated the opposite of who you are? The circle you entertain, do you say, who are these people? I know I am not the only one who one day woke up and said out loud, “This is not ME!”

Life has shaped us in some form of fashion, not  to show up in our most authentic self. Whether it be people pleasing, abandonment issues, toxic relationships, a not so pleasant childhood, a divorce or anything that traumatizes us from living in our destiny. You know what this is called? Wearing a mask, being fake or let’s call it counterfeit. Many times we don’t understand the importance of our purpose. We live in a fake world where being real is not acceptable. We conform to the point of views of others.  

This is damaging to our existences, your journey or purpose. I challenge you today to view your life to see what is counterfeit. What or who doesn’t represent the real you. Living in a fake world is common but I am saying at this moment its no longer acceptable. Why should you live according to others point of view? Why can’t you see your worth rather if they do or not? Why do you have to place your power, destiny in the hands of another imperfect vessel? 

Guess what? This is no longer acceptable or accessible in your life. Can the real you stand up? Can the “Real You” be present? Can the real you, say, ” Here I am?” I promise you the real you is ready to shed all of the weight of the fake counterfeit masking wearing shell you have been carrying around so long, drop it and return it back to sender.


Your destiny is called for you, not your mistakes or failures but you. Do you realize you are one unique individual that nobody can duplicate? Yes, why not let that out? Do you realize how grand your life story is for you and others who need to hear it? You do a disservice to yourself and others when you don’t honor, respect, love and embrace the real you. You have a destiny, a purpose that only you can serve, let that real you be born so you can do what you are called to do. Nobody is perfect. Perfect is boring. You would be able to understand your life journey on a deeper level when you throw away the fake mannequin that doesn’t represent anything about you and the real you steps in the world to say, My name is ________ and this is who I am, take it or leave but I am only me. 



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