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Bias Unveiled: How Politics and Media Undermine Women of Color

Speculation about President Joe Biden stepping down from the...

Paramount Global’s Cultural Purge: Erasing Black History and Voices

Recently, Paramount Global removed all content from MTV News...

Weini Kelati’s Inspiring Journey from Eritrea to U.S. Olympian

Weini Kelati's inspiring journey from Eritrea to becoming an...


Supporting Black-Owned Businesses:A Juneteenth Guide

With Juneteenth quickly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about how you can support Black-owned businesses in your community and beyond. It’s...

Doing the Work, Finding Your Worth

Every year, on March 8th, the world takes time to celebrate cultural, social, political, and economic achievements of fierce females. International Women’s Day would...

Ways to Show Up in Love While Honoring Yourself

Showing up for and honoring yourself is basically another way of loving yourself -- and there’s a lot to love! Being your own biggest fan and supporter is an uncomplicated way to practice self-love.
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Turning a New Leaf: Embracing Transformation in Life’s Fall

When we think of autumn, images of fall leaves and nature's yellow hues conjure in our minds. Long summer days turn to cool, early nights, and we welcome seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice lattes.

Rewriting Your Narrative: How to transform your Limiting Beliefs into your Empowering Story

Are you heading down a path that leaves you feeling less than enthusiastic? If so, it’s time to rethink the future. As adults, we can get stuck in routines that quickly become grinds. And it’s no wonder. Sis, you’re on the heels of a pandemic, fighting societal challenges, living up to life’s responsibilities, and still bringing home the bacon as inflation rises.

From Side Hustle to Success: How to Turn Your Passion Project into a Thriving Business

Sure, it started as a side hustle, but you have a vision. You can turn this passion project into something BIG! With a little...

Finding Your Niche: Identifying Your Unique Business Idea

As a woman, you are naturally a multi-tasker. So, it’s no wonder we’re often first to realize tricks that make life easier. Sometimes that means we develop a “tool” or process to resolve a recurring challenge.

Take a Break, or face a breakdown – Recognizing the signs of Burnout

There I was, sitting at the kitchen table sobbing. I had given it my all. And now, I had nothing to give. I was the definition of burnout. Sound familiar? If so, keep reading. Because this article is your answer to turning around a breakdown.

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis – 5 Ways to get out of your own way and take action today

Jumping into something head-first without weighing the pros and cons isn't logical. Sure, you want to say, "Heck yes!" without a second thought when your...

5 Black Women-Owned Businesses You Can Support Today

Black women are taking the business world by storm. They represent 42% of all women who started a business between 2014 and 2019, and 17% of Black women in the U.S. are actively working to start a new company.

The Blueprint for a Successful Business Launch

After years of brainstorming, creating your brand, developing your idea, and a ton of hard work, it’s finally time to launch your business and take it to the public. You’re bringing your brand to the market for the very first time, which can be exciting and scary all at once.

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