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Building Office Bonds: Rob Breakiron and Others Bridge Generational Gap with Taylor Swift Fandom

At KPMG, Rob Breakiron, a 45-year-old managing director, has...

Caught on Camera: Diddy Issues Apology After Video Shows Assault on Cassie Ventura

Sean "Diddy" Combs apologized on Sunday for assaulting his...

Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Resign Abruptly: Unpacking the Challenges of Modern Beauty Pageants

The abrupt resignations of Miss USA and Miss Teen...


Mind Matters: Insights and Inspiration for Elevating Mental Health Awareness in Our Community

Let’s get one thing straight y'all: if you don’t have your mental health, you don’t have anything. A lot of people don’t consider or...

Building Inner Balance: Strategies for Cultivating Mental Well-being in Your Everyday Life

The day-to-day demands of life can be taxing. Even the best boss babe can feel worn down at times. But don’t worry. By adding...

Strength in Our Struggles: Navigating Mental Wellness as Black Women

For many of us, we find ourselves carefully balancing on a tightrope of personal aspirations and what society expects. In addition to this significant...
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15 Ways to Practice Self-Care Today

This month at The I'm Loving Me Project, we're all about Self-Care and Wellness. What's not to love about giving yourself a little love?...

How To Be Okay Being Single

Far too many women equate their relationship status with their self-worth. Letting go of this common misconception and becoming comfortable with being single is...

Mental Health Matters – 5 Myths & Misconceptions

Nearly 50 million Americans will experience mental illness in 2022, and Statista.com reports that 22% of adults reported symptoms of depression in the last...

A Guide to Mental Health Awareness Month: Activities and Ideas

Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to open up about the different ways mental health affects our lives. It's also a time to learn more about mental health, talk about it more openly, and break down the stigma that surrounds it.

Toxic Perfectionism Might Be Holding You Back

This Women's Month, we spoke to the incredible Donna Marie Johnson about toxic perfectionism, its effects, and how to overcome it. Author Donna Marie...

A Love Letter to My Sista’s

To my beloved Sista’s: I love you. From the creative ways you think, smile, to your Boss ass career moves, and the way you hold...

5 Ways to Strengthen your Mental Health as a Business Owner

Jennifer Adams is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (#110390) who specializes in Trauma Healing and is on both the Trauma Informed Care as...

10 Healthy Habits for Busy Women

Written by Jessica Wagner Everywhere you turn, you hear tips about how to be healthy. It can be so overwhelming, especially for a busy woman,...

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Monique Rose: Cancer Survivor to Serial Entrepreneur

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Being a voice for the voiceless: how a survivor wants to help victims of human trafficking

I am a 35-year-old survivor of human trafficking, and...

Women in Business Wednesday: Trina Sanchez

Izma Entertainment, founded in 2006, is a hybrid branding...

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