DO’s and DON’Ts of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs


When it comes to branding yourself or your business, there are a few rules our PR professionals stick by. Working with entrepreneurs for nearly ten years, here are their top do’s and dont’s for personal branding in business.


1.) DO have a professional headshot – or plenty.

2.) DO have a professional website that compliments your brand.


3.) DO have a cohesive logo to use for marketing, brand recognition, social media and everywhere.

4.) DO have social media sites.

5.) DO humanize your brand in some sense.

6.) DO network and attend networking events.


1.) DON’T have a sloppy website. In our digital age, think of your website as your elevator pitch or business card.

2.) DON’T be too personal on social media. It is great to give your audience and your clients a sense of who you are, it makes you more relatable, but don’t reveal the details of your life that should only be told to your closest friends.

3.) DON’T drink too much at networking events. Though that should be an obvious. Attend networking events as though you’re on a job.

4.) DON’T hire an amateur graphic artist, photographer, etc. Your visual representation will be your image for years to come.

5.) DON’T attempt to do your website yourself.

6.) DON’T have a logo that is difficult to read or difficult to interrupt.



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