Educating Women of Wall Street: Which IPOs are coming up on Wall Street?


If you are into the world of investing, you know what an IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is. IPOs are the initial public offerings or stock market launch in which shares of a company are offered to the public and sold to institutional investors & retail investors. These public offerings provide companies with an opportunity to obtain capital by offering shares through the primary market. It also involves providing liquidity to the company’s founders and early investors and taking advantage of a higher valuation. The initial public offering (IPO) market overcame a lightning-quick bear market in 2020 to bounce back to levels not seen since the dot-com boom. But there is still a laundry list of upcoming IPOs, as a host of companies plan on tapping Wall Street for much-needed capital.

In this article, you will read about the IPOs coming up on Wall Street this year.

IPOs coming up on Wall Street
Below is a description of four IPOs coming up Wall Street:

Atotech: Atotech is a firm that provides electroplating and other surface finishing services and products to manufacturers in several industries. It also provides services related to electroplating hardware, software, and related technologies. The firm has filed to raise $734 million in a U.S IPO of its common stock. The initial public offering price has expected to be between $19.00 and $22.00 per share.


IoanDepot: IoanDepot is a California-based holding company that sells mortgage and non-mortgage lending products. The company offers 9.41 million shares of its common stock, and private equity backer Parthenon Capital Partners is selling 5.59 million of its shares for a combined 15 million shares. The IPO price per share has expected to be between $19 and $21, according to the filing. It is the second upcoming IPO on Wall Street.

ON24: ON24 is a company based in San Francisco that markets products and services based on virtual events, environment technology, and webcasting technology. It was found to broadcast video press releases and became a financial news streaming website. The company has filed terms to raise $409 million in an IPO. The IPO price per share has expected to be between $45 to $50, according to the filing.

TELUS International: It is a national telecommunications company in Canada that provides multilingual customer service outsourcing & digital IT services to clients globally. TELUS International solutions cover customer experience, advisory, digital transformation, IT lifecycle, omnichannel solutions, risk management, digital consulting, and back-office support. The IPO price per share has expected to be between $23 to $25, according to the filing. It is the fourth company on the list of upcoming IPOs on Wall Street.



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