Repairing The Broken Heart

Life After Trauma

By Mira Cassidy

In 2019, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos divorced wife MacKenzie resulting in one of the most expensive divorces ever. MacKenzie walked away with a $38 billion settlement according to Business Insider. This has made her the third richest woman on the planet. Bob and Sheila Johnson, co-founders of BET, are known for being the first African American billionaires. When they divorced, Sheila walked away with $400 million the Business Insider shared.

Divorce is on of the most stressful events to take place in the life of an individual. Even though leaving the marriage may mean breaking free from a toxic or abusive environment, the process still puts you through emotional and mental turmoil. Simply put, divorce hurts. So many unexpected revelations and challenges can arrive one after the other. It can feel like your head is spinning from all the declarations, discovery, mediation, custody battles, etc. Many attorneys warn clients early. They make it clear that custody battles get ugly very quickly and cost could easily skyrocket to $10,000 or more. Walking away with a $38 billion or $400 million settlement is for the elite and still rare.

The reality for hundreds and hundreds of women is that they walk away with next to nothing or less. Why? Some women don’t have the money to invest in good representation. Other women may have no idea what earnings, stocks, or retirement accounts their soon to be ex-spouse has. Perhaps the ex-spouse didn’t make much or doesn’t have any assets. Apathy is another reason. At times the abuser attacks the female brain to the point where all she cares about is getting out. She has no concern or energy to look for and research key factors that can help her financially once the marriage has ended.

For the woman that walks away with nothing for whatever reason, know that you are valuable. Your life, health, and happiness are important. You have worth. Believe and know that things will get better. For those that put faith in a higher power, have faith that this too shall pass. For those who don’t believe, be sure that there is a force out there far greater than you. It cares about you and will help you to succeed. Even if you walk away with nothing you can rebuild. One day you’ll look back at your struggle and will be proud of yourself for all that you’ve overcome.

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