Steps to Taking Your Courage Back


Change is often looked upon as scary and what will other people say. As a society we have come accustomed to basing our values of what other people think and speak about us but I challenge you to unlearn this behavior. Giving others the power to determine your worth and mold you into what they believe you should  be is a form of disrespect towards your life journey. Everyone’s footsteps may not look the same and will not be the same but are unique in its own way. If your life is not a reflection of who you are authentically then a change is a must. So how can you take your courage back?

1. Acknowledge what needs to change 

2. Take responsibility for your life 

3. Set boundaries 


4. Replace negative with positive 

5. Believe in yourself 

Taking a stand for you is the most empowering action you can leap into. In order for you to grow greater you must invest in yourself, have the faith to believe and finally take the leap. Trust me, I understand about taking your courage back. My life hasn’t always been peaches and ice cream. It’s been a rollercoaster ride full of jerks but I wouldn’t haven’t it any other way. Through the lessons I have learned in order for me to be happy and whole I must have the courage to do what makes me feel, look and love all things about me. Never allow anyone to mold you into who you suppose to be, you are the potter who gets to design the clay for you. 



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