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Bethany Montecalvo: Beauty Inside & Out

Bethany Montecalvo is a licensed Medical Esthetician in multiple states, Union Makeup Artist to the stars, Health Coach, Model as well as a natural...

4 Things You Need To Know About Self Confidence

The journey to self-confidence took some time. I had to reconnect with myself and learn about who I was authentically. Over the years I...

The Confidence Leap

Sometimes we must reminiscence about the good ole days. You know, the days when you didn't have the responsibilities of paying bills, taking care of...

ILM Stories- Darieth Chisolm

Imagine waking up one day to find harassing meme’s, nude pictures and videos of yourself online. Images that you were not aware existed, you did not approve of and have no control of removing.

Self Love Conversations- Rachel Rackovan