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Tammy Thompson turned her life around completely. From homelessness, a childhood in foster care, a teen pregnancy, and poverty, it’s amazing to see how this woman transformed her life and became such an inspiring success. Adversity comes to us all, but not all recover, let alone thrive. Tammy Thompson is an incredible example of resilience. Today, she is a business owner and owner of a media company striving to study and raise awareness on the Psychology of Poverty. We were fortunate to interview her this week and have a heart to heart on finding her own self-love.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What I see in the mirror really depends on what day I’m looking.  Most days I see a woman who has overcome so much and who deserves to be happy.  Other days I see a fraud, someone who is going to be “found out”.  A woman who is faking it everyday and who really is incapable and not worthy of the blessings that I receive everyday.  On those days, I allow myself to feel what I’m feeling and then snap out of it and keep pushing forward.

Do you have any business ventures?


Oh boy, do I lol.  I am the owner of T3 Consulting, a consulting business that is focused on developing trainings and curriculum that help individuals and organization better understand the Psychology of Poverty. I’m building a strong speaking business and hope to one day be able to retire, write books and speak around the country and the World.  I also have a media company, T3 Media.  At T3 Media we produce social justice documentaries focused on raising awareness around issues of poverty.  

Any big projects coming in the future? 

I’m working on expanding the speaking business and have recently published a Spending Log which helps folks learn how to track their spending so that they can make better financial decisions.  I’m working on writing a memoir about my life titled: “One Cannot Carrots.  
What do you most love about what you do? 

What do you most love about what you do? 

I love helping people see beyond their trauma and use it to propel themselves and their families to the other side of poverty.  I love changing the way people think about poverty and reducing the stigma and shame that surrounds poverty.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In 10 years I see myself retired and living on my farm, writing books, traveling and speaking around the world.

Do you have any tips for women in business?

My number one tip would be to build a tribe around yourself.  Don’t try to do everything on your own.  Allow yourself to make mistakes and do the things that terrify you anyway.

How do you hope to empower women in business or with an imprint you’d like to leave? 

I would like for women in business or anywhere to understand that we don’t have to end up where we started.  We are powerful and strong in spite of what society tells us.  I would like to encourage women to collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.  We are much stronger together than in silos.
What do you think your ultimate purpose in life is? 

What do you think your ultimate purpose in life is? 

My ultimate purpose is to use my story, my pain and everything that comes with that to help other women who have gone through what I’ve gone through keep pushing forward.  I want them to know that where we start is not where we finish.  

How do you think we, together, can help women gain confidence and reach their fullest potential?

We have to see the examples.  We have to support each other, truly support each other.  We have to allow each other to be vulnerable and weal when we need to be because we know our Sisters have our backs.  We have to allow each other to make mistakes without using them against each other as weapons. We have to pull others along when we make it to spaces that other women need to be. We must teach each other the things we learn along the way instead of hoarding our wisdom.



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