The Courage To Be Me


As a society we have come accustomed to building our self-worth based on the opinions of others. The desperate need to fit in has cost many of us to give our power away for others to do what they may. This is completely wrong. 

Do you recognize the power you give away when you allow others to dictate your worth? Other people’s version of you is not the version you see but instead we fold. Nobody’s words, opinions or rules about you should outweigh yours. Don’t forget this is your journey. The footsteps you take depend solely on you, others simply get a chance to ride along. You are the driver. 

I challenge you to unlearn this behavior immediately. Giving others your power is providing them the open door to do as they please about your existence. If you look around, your life is not a reflection of who you are, you gave your power away. No worries, you can always snatch it back and build on your terms. 

So how can you get your courage back:


1. Acknowledge what needs to change 

2. Take responsibility for your life 

3. Set boundaries 

4. Replace negative with positive 

5. Believe in yourself 

Taking a stand for you is the most empowering action you can leap into. In order for you to grow greater you must invest in yourself, have the faith to believe and finally take the leap. This is courage! Making choices reflecting the person you see, is courage. Trust me, I understand about taking a stance saying no to others but yes to me. My life hasn’t always been peaches and ice cream. It’s been a rollercoaster ride full of jerks but I wouldn’t haven’t it any other way. Through the lessons I have learned in order for me to be happy and whole I must have the courage to do what makes me feel love all things about me. Never give youyou. 



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