Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Professional Headshot.


Whether you are in business, representing the public, a model, an actress, a writer, an author, a philanthropist or even real estate agent, a headshot is a professional must-have. Some of you may ask, what is the purpose in having a professional photographer capture my headshot if I have a perfectly good camera phone? Save yourself the agony. It all goes back to my favorite word: BRANDING. When you are visually representing yourself to your public, you need to set across a professional image, because after all, you are marketing yourself as a professional.

A photographer’s specialty is knowing how to capture you in the best light, the best angle and with an expression that best suits your personality. You only have one chance to make a first impression and a photographer has an expertise in positioning you properly so that you are making the truest impression of yourself.

In this day and age, in our world of internet-savvy individuals, your headshot is usually the first contact people have of you. A professional headshot will help people warm to you, inspire confidence in you, and help people trust you. You brand your business as a business and its your job to brand yourself as a professional.

Where do you use a Headshot?


Everywhere and anywhere. This world is one big network and you are networking every day whether you see it or not. Headshots should be properly placed on every online account you own: LinkedIN, Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Avatar, Blogs, Website biographies, Instagram, etc. When positioning your headshot online, always use the same headshot! I always say consistency is key. One of your main goals with your professional headshot is making sure that people are recognizing and remembering you.

Claire Boyles, Start-up Professional, said, “The more professional, yet approachable your headshot is, the more likely people will reach out to ask you about you, your business and your products.” Very true. Some may not realize the power of these online networks and how you can easily attract or distract business opportunities.

But social networks aren’t the only place headshots are used. Professional headshots are frequently positioned in your business biographies, press releases and press placements, and any form of public communication. You would be surprised just how often a media personal or even fellow professional will request your headshot. As a publicist, I need headshots and professional images of my clients almost monthly.

If you need referrals as to where to update your professional headshot, e-mail clauren@charissalauren.com.



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