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I’m loving me helps women transform their personal and professional lives by providing strategies, insights, tools and platforms to help overcome limiting beliefs, drive business success and live an extraordinary life.

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Regardless of any obstacle you’re facing, you can still achieve personal growth and success.  Find out how you can start gaining control of your life.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager, or small business owner, learn actionable strategies to help increase your business and your productivity.

We invite you to join the I'm Loving Me community as we bring powerful women into your world, who can hep you overcome your limiting beliefs and increase your self love!

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Girls L.E.A.P. helps women entrepreneurs who struggle to get started or achieve business success innovate, strategize, and generate results in as little as 90 days.

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Gloria Ward

Teacher, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Author, Renegade for Love

"I’ve always believed that the world is not as complex as we think. That it’s quite simple actually. You were born with a purpose and it’s your job to discover what it is and serve"

Hi, my name is Gloria Ward and this entire website is all about you. I don’t care if you’re a career woman, stay at home mom, or entrepreneur, our programs are here to teach you how to not only build confidence and love yourself, but also give you the option to create an empire if you so desire.

I believe I have a wealth of insight and experiences that can make an incredible impact on your life and in the lives of the people in your life.

When you get involved with me or with one of our programs, you will find that we are all about community and self love. I strongly believe in order to improve anything in your life personally and professionally it starts with YOU taking a good hard look at yourself and making a decision to make those necessary changes to be a better person and or entrepreneur.

I encourage you to download all of the free resources we have available and get involved as much as you can. This is your time to step into your destiny and finally live the life that you always dream of. Let me and my team help you make that dream come true.

See you on the inside,

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