10 Tips From a Rockstar Single Mom




By: Alexxis Hutchinson

Hello to my Rockstar Single Moms! I’m Alexxis Hutchinson and I am a Sports & Entertainment Manager specializing in lifestyle management. Through my company I always state that I have the privilege to, “Execute Plays on Demand”! As manager my client listing includes pro athletes, sports broadcasters/journalists, pageant queens, models, social media influencers and even a celebrity chef. I specialize in handling the aspects of a client’s life that can often be overlooked. My aim is to ensure my clients enjoy the perfect work-life balance without hassle of worrying about life management so that they can focus on their craft.


However, my most important job is being called Mom. I am the mother to one daughter, Domenique. I have been a single parent to my daughter most of her life. I understand this job is by no means easy and we often get caught up in the circumstances but I make it happen. I’ve learned how to manage my business and following my dreams all while being a present and involved parent to my daughter. Domenique understands that I will always be there by her side even with a busy schedule I always make time for her and my clients understand how important that role is to me and when it’s “Soccer Mom” time, they let me enjoy those moments and often look at her as their niece. So they always check on her and send her birthday wishes and good luck game day texts.

Whether you are a single-mom by circumstance or choice, you decided that nothing is more important than your child and being a Mom. Look at your life as thriving and not just surviving. Remember, we are getting it done and making it happen. Today, I am sharing 10 tips that are important to me on being that Rockstar Single Mom! Just remember not all superheroes wear capes, we’re called Mom! 


Look this is your life. You owe no one any explanations for your life and your family environment. It is what it is. Don’t be afraid to tell folks to mind their business. Never feel less than & stand proud to be a Mom no matter the circumstance. Be proud that your child is healthy, happy and loved. Be confident in knowing you make the best decisions around your life that best serve your child.


Always find time for your child. Whether it’s going shopping once a month together. Watching a game together. Taking a weekend getaway together. Or even just getting dolled up and going to a five-star restaurant once a month together. Whatever it is, set a pattern and do it! Quality time counts. Quality time is needed. I’m a soccer mom and all my clients understand when it’s time for me to be soccer mom, I’m completely shut off. My child knows I’m 110% focused on her. I am there to cheer her on and support her every step of the way. We must work to provide for our children, but we can’t get so caught up in financially being there that we forget to show up physically, mentally and emotionally for them. Make time to focus on what’s important to your child.


Learn to make peace with your peace. What’s done is done. Remember, do not let the past stress you. And don’t let the past define you. We have the strength to keep going and make the best of your future. Breakup with the parts of your past that hold you back. Take the memories, learn from them, and keep moving forward. The reality you want is only waiting on you to let go of those mistakes. Learn, if necessary, to forgive yourself. Learn to forgive the other parent. Forgiveness is growth. We all make mistakes but it’s how we overcome them. You may later find that the good and what you consider the bad of your past were all needed to fulfill your divine destiny. Cheers to the amazing future ahead of you.


Don’t ever feel alone. It truly does take a village to raise a child. My village includes my family, my best friends (4 of us have been friends since HS), my line sisters (sorority) and few very close friends who are like extended family. That village is not just for the child but for you as well. You need them! And don’t ever think you don’t. They’re there to support you. Don’t ever feel like you’re alone. Your village is your safe space. They help you navigate and keep you focused. They’re there with gentle reminders and harsh realities that hold us accountable. Hold on to your village and don’t feel guilty about releasing yourself of toxic relationships. Most importantly, align your energy with others like you.


Do not ever feel guilty when making time for yourself. Often times we see ourselves not taking that time because we are single parents but, in all actuality, you need it. Self-care is important for your peace. You can’t be the best parent for your child if you neglect to show up for yourself. Take care of you and do not feel bad about it.


I believe in celebrating every win I come across for myself and my child. No matter how small it is, it’s still a win in my book. You must celebrate yourself. Even the small victories bring joy to our lives. These wins make you feel happy. These wins give you the motivation to keep pushing. These wins help build your confidence. Celebrate your wins in life to help bank the emotional funds needed to meet every challenge you may face. Celebrations always boost your character and confidence, so celebrate!


I believe in the Serenity Prayer. Don’t ever get caught up in what you cannot control. Control what you can and don’t stress over what you can’t control. We must learn to be flexible. Bend but don’t break. Stay focused and adjust accordingly. But don’t ever give up.


If you fight every battle, you’ll be fighting 24/7. There’s not enough energy for that. Decide what’s worth fighting. Stand on what you believe and fight for what’s right. But those things you don’t need to fight, let it go! No matter if the battle is with a child, a coworker, a business partner or whoever just learn to pick your battles.


This is a two-fold statement. I need music for myself. To help inspire me. To help motivate me. To help calm my nerves. To help hype me up. And to be perfectly honest, to help me spiritually. At times I find my peace through music. I also use music to bond and connect with my child. We had morning routines (when she was physically in the school building). We would listen to our Christian music to thank God for the day and to ask God to watch over us. Followed by some fun music for us to not only dance to but for us to sing along with at the top of lungs. Lol. Music allows us to bond through TikTok. Lol. Sounds crazy but it’s how I can connect with my daughter. It helps lighten the mood and takes away from the craziness in the world. For that moment, we have fun and just let go. We both love to dance. Find your peace.


Never feel guilty for how your life went and becoming a single mom. If I can be honest, I used to blame myself for my daughter not having a two-parent home. My mother is a Pastor, I always thought this happening to me would be damaging to her and my family’s reputation. I blamed myself so many times for what had happened. However, blaming yourself however the situation came about does not help the situation. Don’t beat yourself up for what happened. The past is the past. Remember, there’s nothing you can’t handle once you’ve become a single parent. You are a beast! I believe in a higher power; God doesn’t put anything on you that you can’t handle. Feel empowered. Feel loved. Feel encouraged. And remember, God always has you! You got this girl!

ABOUT: Alexxis D. Hutchinson is the proud CEO and Founder of Simply Sporty Chic (pronounced SHeek), a company that as she states, “Executes Plays on Demand”. Alexxis serves as a Sports & Entertainment Manager to several pro athletes, sports broadcasters/journalists, pageant queens, models, social media influencers and even a celebrity chef. She specializes in handling the aspects of a client’s life that can be easily overlooked. Alexxis aims to help her clients enjoy the perfect work-life balance without the hassle of worrying about life management so that her clients can focus on their craft.



  1. You are so amazing … to watch your journey has been inspiring and I couldn’t be more proud of and happy for all of your success …

    The best is yet to come!! Love to you and Domo always XOXOXO


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