15 Ways to Practice Self-Care Today


This month at The I’m Loving Me Project, we’re all about Self-Care and Wellness. What’s not to love about giving yourself a little love? You’ve probably heard it before, but you can’t fill from an empty cup. We, as women, take on so much in life, and it’s high time we start prioritizing our own happiness and wellness.

But what does real self-care look like? Is it all candles and bubble baths and extended naps? While those things may contribute to self-care and your overall wellbeing, there are so many ways to make sure you’re really taking care of yourself. Your well-being is multi-faceted and includes your physical, mental, psychological, social, economic, and developmental wellbeing. That’s a lot to think about and a lot to take on. We’ve got your back though, and we’re sharing some of our favorite self-care rituals to improve your overall well-being.

Check out this quickfire list of 15 self-care practices you can try today…

1. Light a scented candle

2. Read one chapter of a book

3. Go outside and get some fresh air

4. Write 1 page about how you’re feeling right now

5. Get a houseplant

6. Brainstorm on a side-hustle or passion project you could start or grow

7. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for

8. Put on a face mask

9. Declutter a surface or a corner of a room

10. Listen to a podcast without multi-tasking

11. Donate some pre-loved clothes

12. Write down 3 affirmations and stick them on your mirror

13. Call a friend and check in with them

14. Go for a brisk walk or a short run

15. Prepare a healthy snack or meal with fresh produce

We don’t get to turn back time, we don’t get any redos, and we don’t get another body to live in. Look after yourself girl! The world needs your magic, beauty, and light. And for that light to shine, you’ve got to take care of yourself first.

Share this with a friend, and let us know on Facebook which ones you’ve tried!


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