Making It Last: Relationships from a Man’s Perspective


All of us question, what’s the secret? What makes a relationship last? Do any of us know? This month, we’ve been discussing relationships with some of the very best from coaches to experts and all in between. Coach Ken Canion is giving us the secrets from a male perspective.

ABOUT COACH KEN: Ken has been coaching and transforming people’s lives for over 20 years. He is a personal development coach and relationship specialist who specializes in human behavior. In his relationship coaching, he helps singles create a deeper love for themselves, which allows them to connect with others on a deeper level. In addition, he helps couples resolve conflict and build dynamic cultures.

Through his real world strategies and techniques, he teaches relevant skills that help people manage their relationship more successfully and cultivate more intimacy and authenticity. For two decades, he has devoted himself to transforming people’s lives from the inside out. Because of his books, seminars, or personal or group coaching, Ken is known as a transformation specialist.
Ken has been featured in Black Enterprise and Essence magazines. He has also been highlighted on CNN, Fox, CBS ,QVC, and the Home Shopping Channel.  

He is the author of eight books including his latest book called The Canion Culture: Creating Relationships That Last. A book he co-authored with his wife of 20 years.



1. If you don’t require it, you won’t get it.

2. Attraction brings you together, but only core values keep you together.

3. Questions build intimacy, not sex.

4. A man never bases your value on the sex you give him.

5. A man trades his time for the things he values.



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