Move From Stuck to Standing


By: Andrena Phillips

Life brings experiences to add value to your life by the way of lessons. As much as we would like for those “experiences” to be filled with beauty and roses, this is not necessarily the case. The reality of it is, there will be good and bad days but despite which one shows up there is a lesson for us to learn from what each day brings. Believe or not the lesson that shows up in your life is the one you need in that particular time of your life. Just like seasons change, every morning is a new day and time waits for no one, lessons come to birth whatever is holding you back from evolving into a better version of you.  

The truth of the matter, instead of us learning the lessons, we become fearful, resentful and stuck instead of embracing something new, releasing old wounds and evolving. It is easy to get stuck in a place in your life that’s no longer working because its familiar, there is no challenge and give you a reason to make excuses to not see yourself higher. The problem is we want change but don’t want to do the work, because the work will require a different you. The change will say, you can no longer function like you use to but in a new mindset and the actions to back it. The change will challenge you to believe when it was easier for you not to. Most of all it will make you stare fear in the face and make you move in the direction of faith. So, what happens when you in the stuck mode of life? A lesson will show up to force your hand to decide: Do I remain the same or do I move onto better? The choice is yours. 

But which one do you think people pick the most? Remain the same. Do you know why? Here are just a few: 


What I did in my past worked. 

I don’t know why I need to change; I am fine as I am. 

This is all I know. 

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Mandy Hale 

Being stuck in life is not what any of us was created to do, our lives are design to grow, thrive and evolve during our life cycle. When a person makes the choice to stay stuck it prevents them from living their best lives, hopelessness takes on a course of itself and your life just pass you by, one day you will look up to say, where did the time go? Rather than grow outside of the comfort zone many will take on the mentality of being a victim instead of living victorious.  Playing the role of a victim, not only will you be stuck but lonely and left behind while the world and everyone else move forward with or without you.  

Its time to get comfortable be uncomfortable. Breathe again. Leap and Live. I know it sounds simple and it is when you begin to trust your process, embrace the journey and respect your existences.  Let’s start off slow by taking baby steps, it’s just like how you eat an elephant? One bite at time! Each bit you take taste better and better it’s the same with life, when you make small steps to get unstuck before you know it you will be standing taller than before more confident and living a life you don’t even recognize but you earned because you made the changes.  

So take these bites: 

  1. Self Reflect. Get honest with yourself about things you need to change. Write a simple step on how you can obtain it, than do it. Ex: One goal a week. Create new habits 
  2. Do something different. Take a different route. Go somewhere new. Seek different experiences will help you gain a new perspective. Most of the time when we do something new and we fall in love with it, we don’t go back to the old. Try it!  
  3. Leave behind things, people and places not adding value to your life anymore. We will call these “Wooden Nickels.” My dad use to always tell me, don’t take no wooden nickels. Stop settling for what is not good for you. 

I promise if you switch it up a bit and challenge yourself to see from the mountaintop versus the bottom, change will occur and you will laugh at yourself for staying stuck now that you are standing tall. 

Written by Andrena Phillips, Master Life Strategist and Motivational Speaker 



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