What are you afraid of? Do you realize how AMAZING you are? If you forgot let me be your reminder! You Got This! You are equipped for everything thrown your way. Top if off, You are WINNING!  If I can encourage you today to look at the woman in the mirror not from her past eyes but from your vision for her to see who she has been missing. Everything you desire is in front of you it’s the new you on her way to BECOMING. 

Of course, the woman in the past played a role but now it’s time to tell her, “Move over it’s a New Woman in town.”  

Stop giving the world false representation of who you are by dimming down the woman in the mirror. She made many sacrifices to be here. How can you not honor, love or respect her? The steps she has endured came with a cost. The payment most are not willing to pay nor can they handle but guess what? She did it. SHE definitely is a winner!  Most of us have been in a place in our journey where we show only the surface but not the depths of our soul.  

Who are you? This woman who speaks from the past. The new woman speaks “Here I AM.” 

As of today, you no longer can afford to hide the woman in the mirror. Show you light, laugh loud and make no excuses.

Own your greatness, it’s your birthright.~Andrena 

Why must you dim your light, love and laughter? Who said you can’t be gifted, talented and purpose? So what if you made a few mistakes, failed a few times, you didn’t know any better? DId you forget you are human?  Let me give you a secret: You are imperfect vessels on your own perfect journey, don’t deny the woman in the mirror. Put on your red lipstick to let the world know I am in love with her, me, the woman I see.

Everytime you wear your red lipstick, repeat: 

“I love HER the woman in the mirror.”

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