Stop the silent treatment and heal your marriage with Tamika McTier


Do you ever find yourself struggling to express your thoughts and feelings in your marriage? Do you resort to withdrawal and silent treatment? Girl, you are not alone!

As a marriage and life coach for wives, Tamika McTier’s mission is to help you thrive in your marriage while writing your own stories, creating your own paths, and becoming unstoppable in the pursuit of your God-given dreams. Tamika is a coach, author, and blogger, who writes about relationships, offers coaching on communication and hosts the Ageless Conversations podcast. Tamika let go of ‘Miss Independent and found her peace. You can too.

“Like many high-achieving women, I thrived as Miss Independent”, Tamika says. “After becoming a teen mom at the tender age of 19 it seemed like my best option was to be “strong” and do everything myself – without needing a man’s help. That attitude served me well professionally and financially for a while. I had a good job, paid my own bills, and was able to purchase my own home. I loved my life because I was in complete control, that is until Mr. Right came into the picture. You see, I was carrying fears that I had witnessed from relationships around me.”

She was afraid to open up and be vulnerable. “I loved him but I constantly found myself struggling to express my thoughts and feelings”, she says. Before she knew it, Tamika was withdrawing from conversations completely.

“It was a familiar cycle. My husband and I would have a disagreement and I felt like I wasn’t being heard. Shutdown would immediately ensue. If I wasn’t going to be heard, then I wasn’t going to speak. So, I didn’t speak at all. And, suffering in silence for 24-72 hrs. is what I would do.”

“You can’t change your husband. But you can change how you interact with each other and that’s a game-changer.”

Tamika McTier

Tamika stresses that it’s normal for married couples to argue. It’s also normal for husbands and wives to take a break from each other after an argument. What’s not normal is when voices are consistently elevated or one person withdraws completely. “I’m not proud of it, but it was my reality. I just thank God I didn’t stay there”, she says.

Something had to change, and Tamika created the T.A.L.K. Method- an approach that helps wives communicate better and feel heard. She now uses her signature method and experience to empower other women to have happy marriages of their own.

So, what is the T.A.L.K. Method?

The T.A.L.K Method is Tamika’s 4-Step relationship rescue to get back the intimacy you crave. Each letter in the T.A.L.K. Method represents an important part of effective communication in marriage. It’s a simple way to structure your conversations so that everyone has a chance to speak and feels heard. And it can help you build a stronger connection with your spouse.

T – Transform your mind

A – Assess your foundation

L – Learn new techniques

K – Kickstart your journey with confidence

Get Tamika’s Free T.A.L.K. It Out Conversation Guide on her website now, at and learn more about the amazing work Tamika does.

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